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Witti offers CMS, Central Management System platforms for remotely managing your lighting.

Simple and easy to use, it helps you remotely programme and manage your network of connected items in real time on a daily basis. Its range of features makes it indispensable for managing and optimising your public or private lighting needs. Secure and capable of generating custom management reports, Witti CMS solutions offers full control and visibility over your entire lighting network.


How it works

In its programming version, the CMS software will allow each luminaire to be informed via the communication gateway of the times when it should be switched on or off, and the wattage level at which it should operate. It should first be noted that several luminaires will operate in the same way either because they have the same function (e. g. lighting a pedestrian crossing) or because they are located close to each other in a place of homogeneous nature (e. g. the paint shop of a factory). It is therefore natural to start by describing operating scenarios for all the areas to be illuminated, and to assign these scenarios either to a group of homogeneous fixtures or to a particular fixtures. In addition, the parameters will not necessarily be the same every day of the year. Each luminaires is assigned an operating scenario (intensity, time slots) that can be modified at any time in real time.