Mission and Vision

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Develop scalable and modular IOT solutions for efficient management of city and building infrastructure.

Act together in a long-lasting way for the benefit of energy efficiency, sustainable development and the comfort of citizens.

The world configuration is changing very quickly. We already have some certainty about these changes. Urbanization is accelerating with all the associated challenges it generates, environmental constraints are increasing, and the weight of digital technology is increasingly asserting itself. Driven by new technologies, the digital revolution is disrupting the old organization of certain professions and promoting the emergence of new services.

Our Values


We establish our relationships with our partners and customers in compliance with the laws, regulations, local and international professional standards in force. We ensure the confidentiality of information exchanged as part of our partnerships and services.


Innovation is at the heart of Witti’s business. A guarantee of sustainable performance, it is a condition for continuous improvement and the possibility of always offering the best products and services. This is a primary requirement for us.

Listening our customers

Listening carefully to our customers is the cornerstone of a successful business relationship. We strive to understand and meet the needs of customers to offer them the most appropriate solutions.


We are committed to offer high quality products and services for a performance combining efficiency and reliability over the duration of the partnership defined with our customers.


We want to act as a responsible actor concerned about the environment and strengthen its protection by offering ecological solutions.