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What we do

Witti designs and develops LED luminaires and programmable smart sensors. Its management platform can be used to remotely programme and monitor your connected lighting network in real time.

Our solutions deliver light at the right intensity, the right time and the right place. By customising lighting solutions to your needs, our systems help reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

Smart lighting is then the perfect infrastructure to deploy other smart city services like smart parking, air monitoring, smart waste management with a cost-effective investment.

Make savings

Improve visual comfort and security

Plan for the future with our solutions


Guaranteed immediate benefits

Scalable and modular solutions ideal for smart city and smart building applications.

Reduced costs

. Reduced energy consumption (>= 70%)

. Improved management and maintenance costs

. Lower proportional spending - Rapid return on investment

Optimised management

. Programme connected and modifiable objects in real time

. Remotely manage an unlimited number of connected products all at the same time

. Receive regular reports

Improved service delivery

. Improved environmental protection

. Lighting solutions that improve on-site security, attractiveness and visual comfort

Plateforme WiNet

Sustainable development

. Reduced emissions (70%)

. Recyclable up to 95%

Gradual and modular roll-out

. Modular network able to control other applications and an unlimited number of objects

. Single management platform regardless of the number of products and applications to be managed

. Flexible and scalable solution to keep pace with your changing needs

Securing infrastructures

. Real-time information about the operating status of your equipment

. Immediate alerts in the event of malfunctions

. Guaranteed data protection and security

Respecting the environment

Witti can redesign your lighting and make it smart thus helping you save money/resources and protect the environment, as well as enhancing people's quality of life and workplaces.

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