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Optimization of the infrastructure management

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Solution :

  • Programming of connected objects
  • Supervision of the connected objects network
  • Real-time optimization of energy consumption, failure management

Components :
 LED lights or sensors
 Communication nodes
Communication network
Servers / data storage
Central remote management system (CMS)

Smart Building

Witti Smart Building Lighting Solution – For industry

Smart City

Witti Smart City Lighting Solution – For Connected Cities

This solution allows you to remotely supervise all the objects of a city or building infrastructure.

Each object, luminaire or sensor, has a bi-directional communication node that makes it programmable and communicating. It can then receive and transmit information. These are collected, secured, transmitted and hosted on a local server or in the cloud or Azure, and operated from a central monitoring platform.

Thanks to this device you know in real time the operating status of objects and optimize their use with a view to reducing energy consumption, improving environmental protection and user comfort.

The addition of any type of sensor makes it possible to offer additional services such as air quality measurement, waste management, and object location. The WItti solution, modular and scalable, becomes the ideal tool to set up a “Smart” solution in cities and Buildings without additional deployment or subscription costs


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